Travel Beauty Survival Kit

Travel Beauty Survival Kit

It’s year-end and loads of you are on the move during the holidays. The elves at Sparkle HQ have put together a survival kit for keeping your skin glowing on the road.


Use an alcohol-free face mist. Travelling in planes and staying in hotel rooms with low humidity can take a toll on skin. To prevent dehydrated skin, spray your face with an alcohol-free mist to top up moisture levels in your skin.

Bring a skin supplement. Our Sparkle Collagen Capsules are a fuss-free way to help keep your skin’s collagen production at an optimal level. Just down five of these babies with your water each morning to maintain your holiday glow.

Get your products to multitask. Your moisturizing lip balm can also be a soothing salve for dry cuticles so your can nix a tube of hand cream in your hand carry. Or your ultra-rich face cream can also do a great job moisturizing dry spots.

Applying eye cream is mandatory. Your eye area is delicate and more prone to dryness so always bring eye cream to keep it well-moisturized.

Step up your moisturizing game. Tote along creams and oils that help with double duty moisturizing. We love one or two drops of oil in our night cream to help skin rejuvenate from the day’s skin stresses. This same oil can also moisturize the ends of your hair.

Cleansing wipes are a great on-the-go beauty tool. We certainly don’t recommend this as the only cleansing step but when you are in a pinch on the plane or in a rush, a quick swipe to refresh your skin before re-applying skincare will help you feel heaps better until you can do a proper deep cleanse in the evening.


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