Tips For Drinking More Water

Tips For Drinking More Water

When you don’t drink enough water, your skin becomes drier, duller, and wrinkles and fine lines seem more prominent. Feeling dehydrated is no fun — you’ll experience headaches, low blood pressure, dry mouth and skin, and most of all, fatigue.

So if you think about it — when you feed your skin a steady flow of water, it’ll become more hydrated, look plumper and signs of aging look minimized.

Learn to love drinking water because it’s so great for you. You’ll feel more energized, alert, digest food more easily, and sleep better. Every sip counts!

How do you clock in those requisite 7-8 glasses every day?

Get a decent-sized water bottle so you know how much water you’ll need to drink. For example, if you get a 16 oz (500ml) bottle, you’ll need to finish four of these to hit your target of 64 oz (2L). Make sure it’s BPA-free.

Set reminders by using your phone or a water app, so you won’t forget when you are buried in your day.

Make your water interesting. Jazz up your H2O with fruit, herbs, and Sparkle Collagen with Verisol. This way you get the flavor without consuming the sugar that usually comes with fruit juice.

Use triggers as a way to drink more water. If you think hunger pangs are sneaking up on you, drink a glass of water. Very often when you think you are hungry, you could be just thirsty. Or if you are feeling stressed out, drink a glass of water to calm down and collect your thoughts.

Treat it like a game. Give yourself a reward if you hit your water targets for a whole week straight. Or compete with yourself — see how fast you can reach your daily water target for the day.

Eat more water-rich produce. Reach for fruit and veggies that have more water content. Obviously, you can’t possibly fulfill your water targets just by eating food, but your skin would lap up even more hydration and nutrients from raw fruit and vegetables like celery, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflower (yup, really), grapes, grapefruit, watermelon, and strawberries.

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