The Secret To Preventing Dry Flaky Skin

The Secret To Preventing Dry Flaky Skin

Do you ever feel that your skin gets dry and flaky quickly even though you’ve used a body lotion?

Body oils are a great solution to amping up moisturizing power in your skincare regimen — but how you use them could be a game changer.

Instead of applying body oil to your skin after toweling dry, splash the oil all over your body before drying off. Your skin is still wet from your shower and the oil will help your skin absorb the moisture more quickly and deeply than if you were to apply it to dry skin.

Your skin will feel soft and non-oily — a great boon for those who shy away from that greasy feeling.

For even more moisturizing protection, you can layer body lotion to really seal everything in. If it’s summer, you can skip this step for a lighter feeling on your skin.

One perk of using body oil? You will glow like a goddess — something that lotions or creams cannot achieve.

Choose a body oil that is naturally scented or unscented to prevent allergies or skin sensitivities. Essential oils have the added bonus of penetrating your skin that benefits the body, mind, and spirit, which can help calm, invigorate, relax, uplift, and detoxify your body.

Or if reading ingredients lists prove too overwhelming, just stick to one type of oil at a time — jojoba and sweet almond oil are fantastic all-purpose oils to start with.

For applying oil to your face, it’s the same theory: spritz with a mist or pat in a hydrating toner before putting on oil is like priming the your face to absorb it better as well.

And finally, a little goes a long way, especially for concentrated multi-oil products.

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