The Fastest Smoothie You Can Make

The Fastest Smoothie You Can Make

Life gets too busy to fuss around the kitchen, or you’re just craving a simpler routine. We get that measuring out superfoods and all that jazz may not be everyone’s thing.

So we have a simple, foolproof green smoothie that will always taste great, take less than 2 minutes to put together, and has loads of nutrients.

The key is in the parsley, which often overlooked as a garnish but as a raw smoothie ingredient, you can consume a lot more than you usually would.

Parsley is full of vitamin C, K, and antioxidants, and is great for getting things moving digestion-wise.



1½ cups of filtered water

½ cup of frozen mango chunks

½ cup of frozen pineapple chunks

A handful of parsley

1 scoop of Sparkle Collagen with Verisol


Toss everything into a blender and blend till smooth. Tip: It’s better to use frozen mango and pineapple to get that thicker, creamier consistency.

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