Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

When you start your morning with a nutritious meal, you’ll feel more encouraged to keep on the healthy train for the rest of the day.

And what better way to pack in a nutrient-dense breakfast than a smoothie bowl. We have a creamy dreamy maca-based smoothie with delicious superfood toppings.

Here’s what we’ve got in one bowl: maca is a superfood that’s great for balancing hormones and cacao is well-known for giving energy; goji berries have a whopping 21 minerals, while white mulberries help control blood sugar (they have half the sugar in raisins); chia seeds are packed full of omega fatty acids and hemp seeds are an awesome plant-based protein source.

This vibrantly colored breakfast bowl is a feast for the eyes and maximizes nutrition with every single bite.



1 tablespoon of maca powder

1 tablespoon of vanilla brown rice protein

¾ to 1 cup of unsweetened nut milk (homemade DIY tutorial here)

¼ teaspoon of vanilla essence

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of plain coconut yogurt (recipe here)

1 frozen banana

1 tablespoon of raw cacao nibs

1 scoop of Sparkle Collagen with Verisol®


Start with less milk first and add bit by bit if you need to get things moving. The key to a great smoothie bowl is to make it extra thick.

Top with more superfoods like raspberries, mulberries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, and for some crunch and heft — low sugar, gluten-free granola.

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