Rose Petal Bath Salts

Rose Petal Bath Salts

You’ll be amazed at how simple ingredients could make something so pretty — our Rose Petal Bath Salts only take a few minutes to put together.

At Sparkle HQ, we adore using Epsom salts in warm baths to wind down the day. When absorbed through the skin, Epsom salts relieve muscle tension, abdominal cramps, and inflammation in joints. Did you know that the magnesium in Epsom salts promotes relaxation and rejuvenation?

While it’s perfectly effective and easy to just toss a cup of Epsom salts into the bath, we love taking a few more steps to transform this from a routine action to a luxurious self-pampering ritual.

You just need to add some oil as a moisturizing agent and your favorite essential oil to make your bath into a natural fragrant experience.



1 cup Epsom salts

1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil

1 tablespoon of rosehip oil

½ teaspoon of vanilla oil

10-15 drops of rose essential oil

A pinch of natural red food coloring

1-2 tablespoons of rose petal tea leaves (optional)

*You can add a cup of baking soda if you like your bath salts to fizz.

Mix everything in a bowl until the food coloring and oil have been evenly distributed and no clumps remain. Store in an air tight container and use within a month.

Rose petal tea leaves are surprisingly fragrant so if you want a more subtle-smelling bath, you can forgo the rose essential oil.

Another DIY tip we have is, if you have been gifted roses, you can dry a few rose petals and whizz them in a food processor before adding them to your bath salts — they would still retain some of their scent!

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