Remember To Unplug

Remember To Unplug

Did you know? Screen time before bed makes it harder to fall asleep because your body makes less melatonin, especially for teens, according to this study.

Your brain actually needs some quiet time (outside of sleep) to rest and recover from the day. Being connected constantly is exhausting, bad for cultivating real-life relationships, and productivity.

Completely unplug from all gadgets an hour before bed and try these unwinding activities instead:


♥ Read a book.

♥ Take a bath.

♥ Listen to music.

♥ Burn a scented candle.

♥ Daydream.

♥ Use a pillow spray.

♥ Sip on a mug of herbal tea.

♥ A slow stroll.


Techonology does make our world faster and better, but like anything that we consume, we should approach it with mindfulness and awareness.

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