Raspberry Rose Fizz

Raspberry Rose Fizz

This is a very girly iced tea drink that’s so delicious and a real thirst quencher. If you love herbal tea, this is one for you.

The work really lies in making the cold brew and patience always pays for a full-flavored iced tea, as compared to the quicker method of adding ice to a hot brew.

Rose petal tea tends to get bitter very quickly in hot, boiling water and since it’s also strongly fragranced and flavored, we find it works particularly well as a cold brew.



1 cup water

1 tablespoon of loose rosehip tea

1 teaspoon of loose rose petal tea

1 scoop of Sparkle Collagen with Verisol®

Handful of raspberries

½ cup soda water


Steep the rose petal and rosehip tea leaves in water and leave it in overnight. Make sure you prep a jug so you can make several glasses of this delightful herbal tea mocktail.

The next day, pour the cold brew through a strainer and into a glass. Stir in some Sparkle Collagen, and when it has dissolved, muddle a handful of fresh raspberries and top with some soda water. Add ice and enjoy!

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