How To Travel With Green Smoothies

How To Travel With Green Smoothies

Are you a die-hard green smoothie fan? Like, you gotta have your smoothie in the morning no matter what? We hear you.

Even when we’re traveling, we always think of how to get our smoothie fix. A daily green smoothie helps with being on track with eating healthily — we know that we’ve given ourselves at least one good fix of fruit and veggies.

If it’s a weekend getaway or an overnight business stay, we’ll just wing it and find a juice bar. But anything longer than that, we start getting smoothie withdrawals.

It’s great to leave the work to someone else by buying your green shake at a local store but you don’t really know exactly what they put in it — how much sugar is in there? What brand of protein powder are they using? Are they skimping on the superfoods? And one or two smoothies to go a day for a couple of weeks can add up cost-wise.

Our answer to you is to make your own smoothies on the road. It’s a lot easier and convenient than you might think and the best part? You get to drink your favorite smoothie every single day of your trip!

Make sure you have a blender. You’ll be in luck if where you are staying has a blender, but if you don’t, there are plenty of personal travel blenders (Tribest and Magic Bullet to name a couple) you can buy affordably and are small enough to stow away in your check-in luggage.

Pack your powders and superfoods. Bringing multiple packets and tubs of goji berries, acai, protein powder, chia seeds and what not will take up too much space in your luggage, so measure out how much you need per day and multiply that by the number of days in your trip and put them all in a Ziplock bag. If you are a stickler for exact measurements per ingredient, then put them in separate baggies. Even better if they are in small little stick packs like the ones in our Sparkle Skin Boost Starter Kit.

Remember to bring your smoothie tools. A sharp knife and small chopping board are gold for expanding your smoothie repertoire on the road. Banana smoothies every day can get a bit old after a few days. Ziplock bags are handy to store unused produce and keep them fresh if you don’t have Tupperware handy where you are staying. If you’re driving, pack a small cooler so you can transport perishable items from place to place.

It’s still possible to go green. If you have limited access to fresh greens, we recommend relying on green powders — barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, or mixed green superfood blends — which can tide you over your trip and you can just opt for crunching on more salads while you are away to make up for the lack of fresh leafy greens.

Manage your expectations. Your travel blender won’t perform like your Vitamix at home, so chop your produce into smaller pieces and you might have to throw in some ice if you lack frozen fruit. You may not even have reliable access to a fridge due to your itinerary, so you could make do with a banana or apple plus your powders and ice to make a smoothie on the road. That’s way better than no smoothie. If there is no ice, we’d say, just get one from a juice bar. That’s our deal breaker — warm smoothies? No, thanks.

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