How To Make Healthy Cereal

How To Make Healthy Cereal

Cereal is seriously the quickest way to get some breakfast into your stomach without having to mess around in the kitchen. Nobody has time to heat up a pan and crack eggs every single morning.

However, it’s important to choose the right cereal to start your morning the healthiest way possible.

The first piece of advice we would give is to read the ingredients list thoroughly. You want a cereal that not only tastes good, but also fill you up with enough fiber and protein till lunch.

And we urge you to go lighter on the calories, pick a tasty unsweetened plant-based milk like almond, hemp, cashew, coconut and the like.

If you love yogurt in your cereal, we definitely belong in the camp of going full fat and plain — we would rather have a smaller portion of yogurt than load up on non-fat yogurt that is full of sugar, which brings us to our first point:

Limit sugar content. You do not want your blood sugar levels to spike and then plummet before lunch time (or any time of the day, really). Go for a cereal that has 5-6g of sugar or even lower per serving. Skip the ones with loads of dried fruit because they contain lots of fructose. As for toppings, choose berries over very sweet fruit like banana or grapes.

Wholegrains are much more satisfying and contain more fiber. Look out for ingredients like oats, quinoa, sorghum, buckwheat, and brown rice. 100% wholegrains is a good indication that your cereal is indeed made out of wholegrains and has a high fiber content.

Try to go gluten-free. This would also help stave off feelings of sluggishness when you have a sweet(ish) breakfast — and help reduce inflammation and ease digestive issues if you have any.

Use more than one cereal. We are big fans of mixing a very low-sugar grain like rolled oats, or wholegrain oat Cheerios with a small serving of tasty granola. We know it’s not enough to graze on a ¼-½ cup of granola so mix it up to get more bulk in a healthy way!

Bump up your cereal. Add superfoods like goji berries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, bee pollen and Sparkle Collagen with Verisol® to take your cereal to the next level nutrition-wise. Read How To Make Your Cereal Sparkle from our archives.

One final tip for when you are having your morning cereal is to remember, “Everything in moderation” because it’s tempting to load your bowl up with lots of fruit, yogurt, superfoods and such. No matter how healthy your breakfast is, eating a huge portion won’t do you any favors first thing in the morning. So we say, eat till you are satisfied and you won’t get the mid-morning crash when you need to reach for more food or caffeine to make it till lunch.


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