How To DIY Your Own Nut Milk

How To DIY Your Own Nut Milk

At Sparkle, we are huge fans of non-dairy milks, and in particular, nut milks to add to our smoothies and cereal.

While you can easily grab a carton of nut milk from the supermarket, making your own homemade version can help you avoid added sugar, fillers, thickeners and preservatives.

The great thing is, homemade nut milk is super easy and you can choose pretty much any kind of nut you like or even combine them. Our faves include almond, walnut, brazil nut, cashew, and macadamia — and whenever possible, we love to make our own organic nut milks.

Adding your own ingredients like vanilla essence or cinnamon is a great plus point about making your own nut milk.

What we don’t recommend is adding sweeteners like maple syrup or dates because the milk will spoil more quickly so it’s best to add them after you pour them out of the bottle and into another container. Though we feel that part of the point of making your own milk is to avoid unnecessary additives so do sweeten in moderation.

For a rich, creamy consistency, the general rule for making nut milk is one part nuts to four parts filtered water (1:4).

You should soak nuts in filtered water for at least six hours or overnight to make blending easier and to break down the phytic acid and neutralize them for easy digestion.


1 cup nuts of your choice

4 cups of filtered water


Blend everything until smooth and strain.

Make sure you have an empty mason jar or any glass bottle you have to store a minimum of 32 fluid ounces or four cups of nut milk.

There are several ways you can strain your milk. To get the least amount of nut residue, the best method would be via a nylon nut milk bag. You can most certainly use a fine mesh tea strainer or baking sieve or even cheese cloth.

Prep a big bowl and pour the blended nut milk into your nut milk bag or choice of strainer. Use a ladle to transfer the strained nut milk into your glass jar or bottle.

We love using a small tea strainer because it fits into the mouth of a mason jar snugly and there’s no extra work in transferring.

Nut milks keep well in the fridge for up to 5 days but if you are an avid nut milk user, your 32-ounce stash will go much more quickly than that, especially if you have more people in your household consuming it.

We recommend batch-making homemade nut milk at the start of the week. You can also store extra nut milk in ice cubes trays and whizz them up with smoothies to make them extra thick and creamy.


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