Hibiscus Mint Tea

Hibiscus Mint Tea

Vibrantly colored, hibiscus tea is clearly rich in antioxidants, which fight free radical damage in the body, and that of course includes the skin.

Hibiscus tea also contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps to lower high blood pressure if consumed regularly.

Often cold-brewed as an iced tea, hibiscus tea is just as lovely when it’s warm.

We have a simple but tasty healthy brew you can sip on through the day. It’s a great way to stay hydrated and keep your skin plump in cold weather for those who find it a challenge to clock in those requisite eight glasses of water a day.



2 cups of water

1 teaspoon of hibiscus tea leaves or one tea bag

3-4 sprigs of mint leaves or one tea bag

1 scoop of Sparkle Collagen with Verisol®


Steep the tea leaves or bags in boiled water for at least five minutes, then add a scoop of Sparkle Collagen powder, and stir well. Pour into a mug and add more fresh mint leaves if you wish.

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