Healthy Candy Corn Yogurt Parfait

Healthy Candy Corn Yogurt Parfait

We thought we might have some fun in the kitchen today and whip up a classic fall fave with a healthy twist.

A recipe is not necessary because you simply need fresh pineapple chunks, orange or mandarin slices, and top that with your yogurt of choice (we love coconut yogurt here at Sparkle HQ!).

Before you put a dollop of that yogurt to complete your parfait, just take a scoop of our Sparkle Collagen with Verisol powder and stir into the yogurt.

It’ll dissolve very quickly and you’ll have a citrusy yogurt that will pair well with these yummy tropical fruit, and give your skin a boost of collagen peptides.

This makes for a quick snack or a light breakfast full of skin-loving vitamin C and a healthy dose of skin nutrition, probiotics, and fiber.

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