DIY Skin-Brightening Mask

DIY Skin-Brightening Mask

We absolutely love one-ingredient beauty wonders and today we give you an effective DIY skin-brightening mask tutorial — all thanks to the humble pineapple.

Believe it or not, the enzymes of pineapple help clear away dead skin cells in a jiffy. This simple mask exfoliates delicate skin without stripping the skin of moisture or rub against sensitive spots.

A word of caution though, this highly acidic mask should not be left on the face indefinitely. We would recommend five minutes tops, but if it starts to sting, just wash it off!

In a food processor, whizz up a chunk of fresh pineapple. You may add a teaspoon of water to get things going. This is a very liquid mask and be careful of avoiding your eye area. If you feel using your fingers would wet your face (and clothes), just use a clean foundation brush to apply a thin layer of this mask.

After washing the mask off, follow up with a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. It’s so important to exfoliate your skin regularly to help your skin absorb your skincare better and get them to work more effectively.

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