DIY Cuticle Oil

DIY Cuticle Oil

We often forget our hands do so much work for us, and before you know it, the skin around your nail bed is cracked and separated — not a pretty sight and can even feel so dry that it would hurt.

To give your cuticles some pampering, soak them in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of olive oil. Leave them in this soothing bath for a minute or two. Dry your hands gently, and then apply hand lotion.

For each fingernail, put a tiny drop of cuticle oil and spread it in and around the nail bed area.

We’ve tried store-bought cuticle oils, which are great but you can absolutely make your own version at the fraction of the cost without fragrance and fillers.

You can use the oil that you already have in your home that you are using for other things like cooking or for your hair! Try olive, coconut, argan, jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, and vitamin E oils.

Here is our favorite recipe for nourishing cuticles:

Using a 1 oz dropper bottle, pour in one part apricot oil, one part jojoba oil, and one part vitamin E oil. Each part fills up a third of the bottle. If you would like to make your cuticle oil smell good, put a few drops of lemon and lavender essential oils and shake it well to mix thoroughly.

You may want to do without the dropper bottle altogether so just spread your favourite oil over your cuticles. Make sure you massage the oil into your nail beds.

The beauty of a mixed oil formula though is that you can take advantage of the different oils’ benefits. Jojoba is a lightweight, dry oil that won’t feel greasy after being absorbed into the skin while apricot oil has anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin E oil helps to repair damaged skin.

We recommend this routine right before bed because you won’t use your hands while sleeping. In the daytime, it’s all too easy to wash your hands and frequent re-application can be a pain. With consistent use, your nail beds will stop splitting and become soft and supple again.



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