Add A Little Sparkle To Your Picnic

Add A Little Sparkle To Your Picnic

When the weather is getting as warm as it is right now, a picnic is one of the best things to do — taking a break while sitting in nature does wonders for frazzled nerves and stressed souls.

Picnics should be about having fun in the sun and laid back affairs where you nibble on yummy food, chat with loved ones, and even kick a ball with your kid or furry friend.

Here are our top 10 tips on how to have an amazing and stress-free picnic:

1. Invest in a proper picnic basket or an oversized tote bag so you can put all your gear and food pretty much into one storage space that you can carry. Or if you have a serious load for your picnic, consider a small trolley you can wheel from the car to your picnic spot. Nobody needs to deal with multiple bags and trips back and forth to the car.

2. Use plastic or enamel plates so they won’t get soggy if you’re eating a salad or something more liquidy. Even better, you can wash and re-use them.

3. If you are bringing a salad, always store the dressing in a small jar or bottle, so you can serve your salads fresh and crispy. Try one of our salad recipes!

4. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated — try alternating one glass of wine with one glass of water or a soft drink. We love pairing Perrier with a scoop of Sparkle Collagen (tutorial here). It’s like a fizzy citrus drink that’s gives your skin some TLC. Tip: Pour the sparkling water into your glass, let the fizz settle, and then pop a scoop of Sparkle in. If you put it in too quickly, your drink would bubble over and that would be a bit messy! Fruit infusions help make your picnic look pretty, too.

5. Bring ice cubes in a thermos flask so you can chill your drinks whenever you need to.

6. Bin bags and wet wipes are essential to clean up after you’re done.

7. Bring along a healthy dip or hummus that’s tasty and to bring balance to other treats you may have during your picnic.

8. Don’t forget to tote along a book or newspaper — reading in a park in one of life’s greatest pleasures.

9. Slather on sunscreen. The sun may not feel as harsh in spring but if you are going to hang out in the open for hours and hours, it’s better to be careful and prevent a sun burn from ruining your fun day out.

10. Buy a proper picnic mat that is large enough for four to five people. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in and you can spread out your food and drinks comfortably.


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