7 Beauty Habits You Should Be Doing Every Day

7 Beauty Habits You Should Be Doing Every Day

Being your best, most beautiful self is not about endless primping, and slapping on a ton of make up.

It’s about practicing healthy habits daily that will help you achieve that effortless glow from within.

And we are here to say that looking great does require some effort and there’s no such thing as “natural beauty”, i.e. beauty that just happens.

So here’s how to stay gorgeous the natural way. Add some of these into your morning routine and you are all set for the day.

Cut sugar and eat more protein. Instead of starting your morning with sugar-laden cereal, try scrambled eggs with a side of avocado, or just plain yogurt and berries. Sugar causes you to have unnecessary blood sugar spikes and makes you even hungrier later in the day — and it causes wrinkles!

Drink enough water. Keeping hydrated means your skin stays plump and radiant. There are some delicious ideas right here.

Get your body moving. With regular exercise, you’ll sleep better and deeper at night which means your skin can properly repair and rejuvenate itself. And that post-workout glow is just gold!

Avoid the sun. Put on sunscreen even on overcast days (UV rays are just as strong), wear a hat, sit in the shade, and forget tanning for the sake of it. Sun damage is one of the fastest tickets to aging skin.

Go nutrient dense. You should think, “How can I get as much as I can from every meal?” Colorful salads, whole grains, omega-rich, protein-rich foods are what you want to feed yourself to get the most nutrition for your skin possible.

Take your supplements. Ingestible beauty products can power up a topical skincare regimen — biotin for stronger hair and nails; collagen peptides for flawless, radiant skin; fish oil for moisturizing skin from within; supergreens like wheatgrass and spirulina for detoxing.

Spritz on a citrus fragrance. Citrus scents help to reduce anxiety and stress while boosting immune function, according to a study. It’s also a great way to instantly feel more awake and refreshed.



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