6 Tips For Looking & Feeling Better On A Work Trip

6 Tips For Looking & Feeling Better On A Work Trip

You need to be in top form during a business trip but being in airports and planes make it hard to keep up healthy habits.

From stress-inducing security lines to noxious fast food options, boarding a plane takes a toll on your mind and body even before you get to your destination.

Here are our strategies to help you be your best self and feel great in this challenging situation:

Bring healthy snacks that are easy to pack. Avoid the salted peanuts or potato chips on flights — they dehydrate you and don’t really satisfy hunger pangs. Instead, pack granola bars, fruit, almond butter squeeze packs, plain rice crackers, trail mix, unsalted nuts, and hard cheese. The key is have quick high fiber, low sugar snacks to keep your energy levels up without overdosing on calories.

Drink lots of water. This prevents bloating and flushes out toxins while traveling. A good rule of thumb to follow is to drink a cup of water for every hour of flying. Going to the bathroom forces you to get up from your seat to stretch your legs, too!

Tote along feel-good wellness items. Think about what makes you feel more relaxed? Even in a small carry-on, you can squeeze in a small pack of bath salts, a tiny bottle of essential oil, a sheet mask to help your skin glow, and a good quality oil that can multitask as a face, hand, and body moisturizer.

Don’t forget your supplements. Before you board, take a garlic supplement and probiotics to ward off germs. During your stay, make sure you take a supplement with vitamin C (be it a multivitamin or Sparkle Collagen with Verisol which by the way also helps keep your skin radiant! Travel-friendly version here) to keep your immunity levels up. If you are a smoothie drinker, make up a few ziplock baggies of your favorite protein powder, green powder, and superfoods — you can always request the kitchen to pop it into the blender when they make your smoothie.

Invest in noise-canceling headphones. This is especially useful on long haul flights when you need peace and quiet for those extra winks and great for noisy neighbors in hotels.

Pack work out gear. You may not have time to hit the gym or go for a run but you can always do some ab crunches, burpees, push ups, and stretching in your hotel room. Sweating it out will help calm nerves and center your mind before a big meeting.


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