5 Ways To Improve Your Workout

5 Ways To Improve Your Workout

Have you been struggling with your workouts lately? You might have fallen out of your routine or you don’t feel as great when you exercise or you’re not getting the results you are after. Here are some minor tweaks that could truly take your workout from just meh to amazing.

Don’t go hungry. Hitting your workout on an empty stomach does not make your exercise more effective. Grab a few bites of a granola bar or scoff down a fruit-and-protein smoothie to give your body an energy boost. Try to eat something 20-30 minute before and make sure it’s not too filling or you’ll feel too heavy to move.

Don’t over-exercise. Enthusiasm sometimes can be too much of a good thing. If you often spend more than 60 minutes working out, you might feel more justified to pig out as this Copenhagen study proves. This research study also found that working out for a shorter period of time would give you more energy and help you burn more calories outside of your workout, rather than induce fatigue that would make you more stationary.

Wear the right footwear. Take the time to find the right pair of shoes for your feet and the activity you are doing. You can’t just throw on any type of sports shoes or trainers — without the right support, you might end up with aches and pains related to your feet, legs, and knees. Here’s a list of shoes for a variety of workouts.

Forget commuting. Drop the number of barriers for you to get to your workout. If it involves packing a bag and a long drive, you are less likely to make your workout happen. You might want to reconsider something easier like a gym that is a five-minute walk from your home or office, or if you are really pressed for time, you can put on a workout DVD and sweat it out in the living room.

Find what motivates you to keep going. Do you like listening to music while working out? Make sure you fill your music player with high-energy tunes. Or do you like watching the news during exercise? Or prefer being outdoors taking in the trees and sky? Try to foster a motivating experience for yourself during your workout so you keep on going. A sign of a great workout is when you feel like you can happily carry on for longer than you planned.


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