5 Simple Ways To Stay Sane On A Busy Day

5 Simple Ways To Stay Sane On A Busy Day

The thing about trying to stay on the wellness wagon is that we get inspired to get our butts going one day, but then when stress gets in the way, you lose sight of your intentions.

You can’t get every single day right but you can sneak in some healthy living ways in your daily life to feel like you’ve got wellness as a priority.

Take out 30 minutes a day to tidy up. A tidy, organized home sets the tone of your mental state — nothing kills a productivity buzz better than a pile of dirty dishes in the sink or an unmade bed. These simple actions will not only get the job done but will help you mentally prep yourself for a day of conquering your to-do list.

Keep healthy snacks within arm’s reach. Be it a few packs of yummy almond butter or a satisfying granola bar in your purse or glove compartment — these bites on the go can save you from getting hangry on a crazy busy day. Your blood sugar will be in check and you won’t feel desperate and distracted when you are doing something else.

Practice writing your thoughts in a journal. Do you ever feel like you’re just rushing from one thing to the next but you also feel cast adrift? Ground yourself by keeping a journal to pen your fears, stresses, goals, resolutions and things you are grateful for. You’ll be amazed at how you can switch your mind from feeling disorganized and harried to being intentional and clear about how everything hangs together.

Just keep moving. Try carving out opportunities for more physical movement in your day — it could be doing 30 squats during a conference call or walking 10 minutes to the nearby juice bar. You’ll be surprised how all these little pockets of incidental exercise can help improve your overall fitness level and help you feel more energized. Consider this: you may work out for three hours in a week but what happens to the other hundreds of hours? Being more proactive in moving often can help maintain your weight and prevent the pounds from sneaking back into your life.

Keep yourself well-hydrated. Make water your go-to beverage to keep from being dehydrated. There is nothing worse than reaching the end of the day feeling exhausted with a headache from not drinking enough fluids. You’ll be way more rejuvenated if you just drink water (even a glass of Sparkle counts!), instead of yet another cup of coffee, which tends to sap your energy and give you a slump later on. Here are a few easy tips on how to drink more water through the day.

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