3 Smoothie Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

3 Smoothie Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Even if you’re a morning person and a committed green smoothie drinker, you could be juggling a million things before you head out the door, so breakfast can get a little routine or less than nutritious than you would desire.

We say, don’t give up on your daily green smoothie even if you are crazy busy. This is when you actually need that nutrient dense green power the most — you are short on time, stressed, and hungry.

The key to being productive breakfast-wise is to always prep in advance.

Portion and freeze smoothie ingredients. Chop everything up and pop them in a container. Even better, if you have a one of those single serve blenders (think, NutriBullet), put all your ingredients (minus the liquids) in the blending cup and store in the freezer the night before. In the morning, just add water or nut milk and then blend your smoothie in a jiffy. The beauty of this is you can prep a few batches in advance and only have to deal with prep time once or twice a week.

Make your smoothie the night before. This is self-explanatory so we won’t go into it but we will recommend that you screw a lid or cap over your smoothie to prevent your delicious breakfast drink from oxidizing in the fridge overnight. You know that “old smoothie” taste? Not very appetizing so this would do the trick.

Bagging superfoods and powders. This is awesome for travelling as well. If you’re a fan of mixing several superfoods and powders (flax, oats, protein powders, chia seeds, spirulina, goji berries, bell pollen, Sparkle Collagen etc.), bagging them into single portions can help cut down time spent spooning out these beloved ingredients. You can easily slip a portion into the blender with your fruit and greens, and bam, you’re done.





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